A NUN rides a taxi.
Sister it s always my dream 2 kiss a NUN.
Can u grant my wish?
NUN: ok but 1st u shud b catholic & 2nd u have 2b single.
TAXI DRIVER: i am both catholic & still single.
So d Nun fulfils d taxi drver’s fantasy & kisses him.
TAXI DRIVER: thank u sister bt i must confess..i lied 2 u..i am married & i’m a muslim.
NUN: Dats ok…i’m on my way 2 a costume party & my real name s BOYET



American : is that an apple you are eating ?
Filipino: Yes.
American : you know, in america only poor people eat an apple.
Filipino: oh really? is that a banana you are eating ?
American: yes.
Filipino : you know, here in Philippines only Monkeys eat bananas


Wrong Spelling

A boy took a knife and started writing his girlfriend’s name on his arm.
Several minutes later, he started crying like crazy.


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