Kanina lang ay ni-tag ako ng panganay kong anak sa facebook tungkol sa kalagayan ng isa nyang kaibigan, si Nikki. School mate sya ng anak ko at nakasama nya minsan sa isang Play. Mabait daw na bata sabi rin ni misis, palabati at laging naka-ngiti. At ngayon dahil isang karamdaman, pansamantalang nawala ang ngiti sa kanyang mga labi, ngunit patuloy pa rin sya at ang kanyang mga mahal sa buhay na umaasang babalik muli ang ngiti kay Nikki.

Ito po ang mensaheng gustong ipaabot ng mga nagmamahal kay Nikki;

Hello! We are Grace Alivio and Angela Todoc, friends of Cristy and Zandro Sison.

We are trying to help Cristy and Zandro, whose 16 year old daughter Nikki was just diagnosed with AML Leukemia. She’s beginning chemotherapy this week, but they are running out of funds and a really tough road to walk ahead of them. Our hearts are breaking for them – for their daughter, who is the sweetest, sunniest, smart and bravest girl you can imagine, for their sons Lance and Baby Jacob, who can’t understand what’s happening and is probably scared out of their minds, and for Mommy Cristy and Daddy Zandro, who are struggling to hold it together as they face this enormous challenge. We look at how blessed we’ve been, at our healthy children and our happy families, and we are overwhelmed by how blessed we are, and how quickly that can change.

Friends and Family are trying to raise:

• P200,000.00 for Nikki’s Initial 10 day Chemotherapy Treatment.
• P3.5 Million, which is for Nikki’s Bone Marrow Transplant/Stem Cell Therapy if she hopefully and prayerfully survives the 10 day Chemotherapy Treatment.

Which is the bare minimum out-of-pocket medical costs they’ll be dealing with over the next few weeks/months. In addition they have to pay the hospital bills, doctors’ fees, medications, plus myriad other expenses.

During this holiday season when we try to focus on how many blessings we’ve been given, we hope some of you would consider either contributing whatever you can, (you can make a donation in honor of somebody as a Christmas gift, if that’s something that would be meaningful to your loved ones), or posting this link to your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other social networks etc. Or just email this out to friends and family. The more we can publicize this campaign, the more likely we’ll be able to raise an amount of money that would be meaningful to the Sison’s in the coming difficult weeks/months.

For your help, pledges and donations, Please send them to:

Nicole Crissandra o. Sison

Cristy O. Sison
Mabayuan, Olongapo City, 2200 Philippines.

Thank you for your help!
God bless you!!!

The Impact

Your donation, as well as whatever you can do to publicize this campaign, will do two things. One, it will help alleviate some of the Sison’s concerns about how they’ll be able to financially manage Nikki’s treatments. But equally importantly, your contribution will make a huge impact in how supported and loved they feel as they walk down this rocky road. They will know they are not alone, that hundreds of people around the country are not only rooting for them, but are actively helping to make a difference in their lives.

Other Ways You Can Help…

If you can’t contribute, that does not mean that you can’t help! We would love for this campaign to go viral. The more people that see this, the more likely we will be able to meet our fundraising goal. So please, whether you can or cannot donate, please spread the word about the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, email, blog pages etc.

Nawa’y matulungan natin si Nikki kahit sa napakaliit na paraan upang maibalik muli ang Ngiti sa kanyang mga labi.

Wish For Nikki Facebook Page

Ang isang LIKE mo ay katumbas ng Isang Minutong SMILE ni Nikki, o mas higit pa :)

  • lonelymom66

    I got sad upon reading this,it reminded me of my son who jst passed away last March 2012 due to ALL(Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).He was also 16 yrs old when he was diagnosed w/ this illness..I know how the family feels,parang binagsakan ng langit ang lupa..npakasakit..unitl now we are still not recovering for what happened,our faith in God was shaken always a question of “Why” until now we are asking God to heal our hearts & to accept evrything. We will pray for Nikki’s quick recovery & also to the family.May God bless & give her the healing right away.Amen.


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